infinite blast

I took in three rolls of slide film, this time to Pro-photo. I guess they send it out to somewhere down in Salem. They appear to do good work, or better than quick-stop, at least, on transparencies, it seems. There were a few hits, but mostly just practice shots. I was kind of looking for a mix of difficult exposures and easy ones, testing the limits of the range of the stuff. (Once I know how to work a camera/lens/film combination the real work will begin). The 35mm was shot on Velvia 100, and the 120 (2 rolls) were shot on Velvia 100f, which I think is a little mellower film-- less garish, a little more realistic, maybe. The 100f will be the square framed shots, the 35mm (like the above) are on 100. On a few of the outrageous exposures, the scan is messed up, and I'm not much of a computer editor, so I can't "adjust the levels" or anything, so maybe I'll either present them as is or just omit them, relegate them to the dustbin. Either way. Guess which is which!

Book club update!
Currently reading: Infinite Jest. I'm about a hundred pages in and reading the book gives me a kind of guilty feeling, like the character in it who's frozen between the knocking door and the ringing phone. The book is massive, and the only daunting part of that to me, now, is that I'll at some point irreparably destroy its spine. Otherwise, we don't have cable and a nice huge book is a good thing to have around the house. Also, I'm glad blogger doesn't (to my knowledge) support footnotes! Because that would be annoying.

I just finished Henderson the Rain King, by Saul Bellow, and loved it. One of my favorite narrators in a long while. And hell, it's been a while since I made a note of it-- before that was Tender is the Night, by F. Scott, and then before that was For Whom the Bell Tolls, E. Hemmingway. Sheesh, I've been on a roll! With writers of English, particularly. That Flaubert/Dostoevsky combo killed me before all these, I guess. For my backpack I've got a little book, a travelogue by Anton Chekhov-- his journey to the eastern edge of Russia, the island (which at the time was a penal colony) Sakhalin. So shout's out to Nate Jones.

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