may your freezer never be out of ice-- and if it is-- may your drinks be neat.

The wind whips relentlessly in Wishram, WA. I smoked a cigar walking their meager streets, but the wind smoked most of it. The way it blows the long grasses there is more conducive to video, I'd bet.

I've known, and I know, that I'm often happiest with the simplest pictures I can take. However, I'm also obsessed with this picture in my room right now that's about the busiest thing I've ever seen, so I try to make those every time. I want to take busy pictures that the kid can look at a thousand times and see something new every time. Maybe I'll just let him look at my Thrasher subscription.

Shot Wishram with the red filter. I like the way it looks and works. I think I'd love it especially on some Acros on that little Mamiya 35mm, but that sets your effective film speed at ISO 25, which is tripod territory. Not exactly ideal. Would have worked wonderfully this day though, with full on EV15 in the sun all day. Sunny 16 on ISO 25 is about equal to f8 @ 125, my favorite combo. What could have been! I shot two rolls of Tmax 3200 out there, trying to finish up this stupid project. I think I might go with what I've got and just watch the wheels turn, otherwise. Forcing it never works.

Anyone know of a good Portland credit union?

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