Nacho cheese

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may your freezer never be out of ice-- and if it is-- may your drinks be neat.

The wind whips relentlessly in Wishram, WA. I smoked a cigar walking their meager streets, but the wind smoked most of it. The way it blows the long grasses there is more conducive to video, I'd bet.

I've known, and I know, that I'm often happiest with the simplest pictures I can take. However, I'm also obsessed with this picture in my room right now that's about the busiest thing I've ever seen, so I try to make those every time. I want to take busy pictures that the kid can look at a thousand times and see something new every time. Maybe I'll just let him look at my Thrasher subscription.

Shot Wishram with the red filter. I like the way it looks and works. I think I'd love it especially on some Acros on that little Mamiya 35mm, but that sets your effective film speed at ISO 25, which is tripod territory. Not exactly ideal. Would have worked wonderfully this day though, with full on EV15 in the sun all day. Sunny 16 on ISO 25 is about equal to f8 @ 125, my favorite combo. What could have been! I shot two rolls of Tmax 3200 out there, trying to finish up this stupid project. I think I might go with what I've got and just watch the wheels turn, otherwise. Forcing it never works.

Anyone know of a good Portland credit union?

Maybe I'll try to write a story

about this guy walking back to his house, with a paper bag full of beer. The wind of Wishram could be a cool device, literarily. ha. Stay tuned to this space.


well I did try, but it was the first try, and not really fit for publication.  So maybe next time!  Fiction is tough.  Aren't you supposed to make the characters want something?

East Gorge

from a ridge.

All my problems, aren't. pt 2

Happy Memorial day to everybody.



Lyle and a bush

This bush-- I don't remember where it's from. Maybe an old mill encampment on hwy 14, or maybe in Lyle. Lyle was cool, but less cool than Wishram. I'd like to get back to either during the dawn or dusk hours. It's a long ways to catch a sunrise though, I'll say that. Maybe Lyle has a hotel? Oh, they do. It's in the top picture. P-- minimoon? Or babymoon?

Also, I shot two rolls of color reversal film-- blasphemous!


Even though I didn't really have time to, I took my film in anyways. Today I awoke 10 minutes before I had to leave, so I'm sitting here kind of grimy.




from the latin ball and loons. Just kidding. I oddly have like a brazillian rolls to take in, but I literally don't have the time to take them in until Friday. So that's a bummer, and I can't type, think, or write as well as I used to could. And my eye and throat feel weird. #awholenotheryearofschoolandababytoo????


I like randomly running into people at the grocery store.



Sub King

For all your white bread and iceberg needs, probably.


Velvia May Mamiya

Got a funny ring to it.



This was probably my favorite shot from my NW walk so many weeks ago. Not terribly interesting, but at least it's well done.

Yesterday I explored Wishram, WA and Hwy 14 with Jake and new friend Missy. I guess I met Missy via the internet, but it sure was easy hanging in person. She knows tons of cool spots. Wishram is a tiny town with some nice alleys and really cool geology. There were some monolithic rocks in town. I tried to take some pictures, but wound up doing more rock climbing. It was a good day. It was nice to get out and shoot a ton of pictures. And yet...



there are awesome sunbeams going through our house this time of year. When I wake up and late in the afternoon too. Priceless.


JESUS! look at that scary face at the bottom! Yikes

bassinet and bar. barsinet?

I think these are just a stop different-- not too noticeable though, oddly. I would have thought they'd be radically different. Quite a weird lighting situation though.


technical ecstasy

A weird scan, with some automatic attempted correction, I'm guessing from a computer. They try to capture detail in the shadows, but it just captures film grain. These should just be blacker.

edit: I basically did a photoshop! Ooh, how do I back away from this precipice?

Like these shadows, sort of.


From my nw walk a few weekends ago.


a few from around the neighborhood

sometimes you just gotta take a picture of some flowers. So whatever


I tried taking my own advice and did bracketing. I don't know which of these I like better. Plus, on this roll of 36 exposures, I got about 8 different pictures. So, bracketing is like insurance-- hardly worth it unless you don't do it. I guess I like the top one better. Which one was that though??? Damn.


side walk

One thing that'd be cool about using large format would be the perspective control.