Jake Arcularius

Please allow me to think out loud for a second:

I basically already know how to shoot black and white film, and I've kind of plateaued lately. Maybe black and white 2011 really only meant black and white 2011 Q1 (to cop some business-speak [Q1, right? That's the first 3 months of 2011?])

Maybe I should really learn how to shoot Velvia before it's too late. Because you know it won't be around forever. I have no idea how to do it correctly (please see the hilarious forthcoming posts), and I'm up for a challenge, right? Velvia Q2!!! When they come out they're so great and weird and amazing. If I could raise the quotient of successes, I'd be a happy, happy camper, and I'd have another arrow in the quiver. LET'S DO THIS.

Oh wait, it's $30 to get a roll done (film+processing). Eh.

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