hot lips

On class nights I love to get a slice or two at the hot-lips pizza, and I'm not even getting paid to say that. They also have nice beer options. I have to tell them to only fill the glass half-way, because I think they're like 20oz. glasses, and I don't want to get drunk before class. I did that once last summer during a statistics class, and it was like a psychedelic horror movie. Corporate finance for three hours is just not the place to ride out a buzz, that's all. Anyhow, after the pizza I usually go with a starbucks, to get any beer off my breath hopefully and a slight kick of jazz for the night. I must have some dragon breath in class, right? Pizza, beer, coffee, and stress. My eye just started twitching this week, like P's has been for her masters program. Small price to pay for a masters though, right? I'm only going to get a certification-- I'll save getting a masters for later. I think I could muster a masters of literature or something. With the tweed and the pretentiousness? C'mon! That's like my destiny.

Today my neck got pretty busted feeling-- tight and painful. Gaah! BUSINESS CLASSES ARE NOT THE SAME AS SHAKESPEARE.

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