The pass was snowy. The seasons have stretched out this year, no? I was swimming in a mountain river in October and now there is heavy snow fall in March. Jakes van got all squirrely and we turned around. I exhaled.  I guess I'm part-my-mom after all. She's nervous. It manifests in me when I'm a passenger in a car. There are a few people that I will ride easily with-- Mac (Pakistani by profession), my Dad, Mitch, Chrisp, my brother, and usually P (Though she's out of practice. I'm the family wheel-man. Her inspired driving was a crucial factor in our early chemistry, though.). There are probably others. The most panic inducing of all time was Jack, and that was just getting to school. Maneuvers that will make me brace my legs and touch the windows-- accelerating for a stop light/sign, tail-gating, and multi-tasking. 10 and 2 people!

Handsome Dan.

This whole day was busted. Once the beach was out of play, we drove around aimlessly in the valley, stopping only once, and we got stuck in the mud on the side of the road. Some nice forest service employees helped push us out and I got sprayed by mud right before the tires got traction. We got loose and found a better spot and tried for permission instead of trespassing, but the farmer was worried about liability and was trapping animals down below. After that it seemed we couldn't stop for any reason or at any opportunity. There are few sadder feelings than driving past something weird during the golden hour, hoping in vain for something golder and weirder over the next hill and around the next corner.

(with a paper bag over my face, inflating and collapsing) I'll drive next time Jake!

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