blue hairs

at the Ikea cafeteria


immolate the bottom log in this the late autumn fog

The country

Ikea lunch-line. Actually, this was breakfast. They have nice cinnamon rolls (sic) and I brought my own coffee.

registering for cloth diapers. He's going to be an eco baby, if nothing else.


the biggest full moon of our lives

I didn't get a shot of the moon as a sphere. Deal with these, with the moon as a bright area.


new policy

we do all the dishes before going to bed. It's a pretty cool policy!

ham sandwich

we were baby sitting. This one is cute, yeah? That of our downstairs neighbors. They have a 5 day old too. I cooked them some lasagna last night for delivery tonight. I hope it's not too crispy for their liking.


A young man with his van

road trippin

Using a C330. Twin lens-- among the funnest kind of camera to use.

Stuck again.
a few with a figure. Dan!


Because I can


More from Donald

Scenes from around their water reclamation plant.




doldrums. I broke down and loaded a color roll the other day. Crowd pleasers for days.


something about it

Something mathematical about this picture. I like it.

weird walk

Another from Oregon's panhandle. Like I said, there are some cool places up there.


Downtown hot tub


Outside Donald

Color film would have been nice here. It was gold and green and blue, all vivid from storm clouds rolling through. A fun place to stand and feel a light wind on your face. I experienced excellent timing this day-- when I was driving out there were hellish rain flurries, and then I got out and hiked around and stayed dry. There were continual rain clouds threatening, but they held off when I was exposed. Then I drove home and the rain returned. It was a good day to not drive a convertible.



red filter on the bottom picture. It didn't work like I thought it would. I'll have to keep using it to get a good feel, I think.

funny tree

Some shots from around the neighborhood


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