one whole roll

some decent shots on this roll.

Jake and I went out to Oregon's panhandle and explored some land north of hwy 30 but south of the Columbia. It was a lot more agricultural than I predicted (I pictured forested land), but not altogether fruitless. I think I could go again; retrace my steps and see what I missed the first time. There was a marsh in particular that looked awesome and potentially photogenic. The two shots with the boards propping up the bush were from the west hills somewhere from two Saturdays ago. Jake's van is a way better photo-mobile than my bike, especially in these frigid temperatures. Who am I kidding. That van will best my bike regardless, unless it's rush hour and I've got to get home or something.

I'm taking Monday off and I deserve it!

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pace said...

I lovelovelove the second one & the one w the cloud in the river. GREAT PICTURES YAN!