happy saturday

I got rained on trying to get some photos today, out on my bike with a bag stuffed with crap. The max train derailed or something downtown, so I biked over the west hills. I got uncomfortable and kind of sweaty and the day was derailed as well, with that. Those hills are a hell of a barrier if you're biking. Eventually I got on a westbound train and rode it for a few stops. The light was fading and the rain started falling and I was dressed inappropriately for the occasion. I got off and tried to conjure some inspiration, but there was none. I went back to the stop after being out in the world for about 5 minutes. I was cold and reading Flaubert on the train ride home, lamenting that my all day pass ($4.75 I'll never get back) was put to such poor use. I think I'll take a bath and read some more, my house book--The Brothers Karamazov. Two translations at once-- not a fortuitous choice. I'm at the mercy of a third party, but I've got a nice Hemmingway novel on the shelf that's beckoning. The french book was a perfect pocket book though so I couldn't resist. It was just a coincidence, but one that has to play out now.

These are some pics from a more successful Saturday a few weeks ago.

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