Grandpa's 80th birthday

I don't typically break out the flash unit, but I always get excited when I do. It multiplies the uncertainty of the pictures by about a billion.

This was my Grandpa's 80th birthday party at the Elks club in Keizer. I still sort of want to join one of these fraternal organizations, but I'm afraid I'm alone in my generation in that desire. I think even our parents' generation abandoned these clubs. Bowling Alone!

I think the flash worked pretty much exactly as I wanted it to, which is a little shocking. I now wish that I'd have been shooting a film more interesting than that medium Ilford HP5. I like it better when there are really dark, milky black areas.

Grandpa looks pretty good for such an old timer, huh?


Anonymous said...

look how big the shadows are in the first picture. 80 years get you a big ass shadow.

Unknown said...

I have wanted to join an Elk's club for a long time now. They offer great services and cheap food/booze. Plus, its just a great networking group.