Corny Birthday pictures

On this last photo, I was so jazzed.  It was my annual self-indulgent, easy post-card glorious nature in all its glorious glory nature shot.  A few minutes down the trail, I realized that I had forgotten to focus (rangefinder blues).  I get the film back and I apparently forgot to setup the exposure too!  So this was my attempt at a post-card.  Good thing I have a day job!  Red falls!  Maybe if I were a photo-shopper these could be salvaged.  Maybe if I didn't drink such hot coffee my tongue wouldn't be burned!

Did you know that February is named for the Roman god of purification?  Now you do.

Happy Chinese new years eve.  Year of the rabbit?  Delicious.


Unknown said...

John! I really want to buy one of these prints! I can't even decide which one I like best! Let's talk!

John said...

ok, awesome. Lets!

Stephan P Ferreira said...

They end up better than postcards...or just the same, but different and eerie. Nice!

may said...

but john, they are so perfect like that. please, see it too!