Le yeah!!!

Canadian confederate

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one whole roll

some decent shots on this roll.

Jake and I went out to Oregon's panhandle and explored some land north of hwy 30 but south of the Columbia. It was a lot more agricultural than I predicted (I pictured forested land), but not altogether fruitless. I think I could go again; retrace my steps and see what I missed the first time. There was a marsh in particular that looked awesome and potentially photogenic. The two shots with the boards propping up the bush were from the west hills somewhere from two Saturdays ago. Jake's van is a way better photo-mobile than my bike, especially in these frigid temperatures. Who am I kidding. That van will best my bike regardless, unless it's rush hour and I've got to get home or something.

I'm taking Monday off and I deserve it!

re-arranging and jake's weird backyard



I can go for a walk?

Can I learn to read?

Can I pleeeease get on the human couch?

lee friedlander

In the bathroom at Newspace, they have a Friedlander poster. His head is on a chair, his hand is holding a cable release, and there is an intense tripod/camera shadow on his face. So this is me doing that, basically.

Guitar Hero John Lee H∞ker

h∞kers! Bombastic and maybe a little over my head. I don't understand discordant jams, if you know what I mean. Great show Dan! Keep my posted when the next one is.

Also, thanks wikipedia, for informing me that the is a lemniscate.


biking around

This was an orange peel, and if I remember correctly, I put either my sun-glasses or a yellow filter in front of the lens on this shot. It looks great though. Maybe it just looked great and I didn't do anything. The light is amazing.

A bunch of balls in the street. Growing up we had ball trees. Picking those up every year was not that fun.

Motorcycle and plastic



house shadows. These are on some really fast, grainy film, but not the grainiest-- tmax 3200. These are on Ilford Delta 3200, which I guess doesn't come out full barge grainy, like the tmax does. I like it better full bore.

stop sign.



from the neighborhood



Donald, Oregon

excellent dudes and excellent night

Chicago fans. The Blazers smashed the Bulls in Portland this year, but we all had a good time, I think. Derrick Rose is seriously impressive in person.

still life with tulips

Bugged Volvo

There are many hiccups on the road to monochromaticism.


Grandpa's 80th birthday

I don't typically break out the flash unit, but I always get excited when I do. It multiplies the uncertainty of the pictures by about a billion.

This was my Grandpa's 80th birthday party at the Elks club in Keizer. I still sort of want to join one of these fraternal organizations, but I'm afraid I'm alone in my generation in that desire. I think even our parents' generation abandoned these clubs. Bowling Alone!

I think the flash worked pretty much exactly as I wanted it to, which is a little shocking. I now wish that I'd have been shooting a film more interesting than that medium Ilford HP5. I like it better when there are really dark, milky black areas.

Grandpa looks pretty good for such an old timer, huh?