Happy 2011 everybody! This year's birthday has been the bomb-- 3 day weekend, fresh off the heels of the Mexican Vacation (P and I have remnants of a tan), we ate pancakes at a neighbor's house (with tons of whipped cream), P made me some Southern food lunch (w/ black eyed peas for luck), and a gourmet beef dinner. Then we pay per viewed Inception, which was neat. It was my first ever pay per view. Not exactly a heavy weight boxing match, but it was 2 hours of solid entertainment. Today I'm going out to the country to try to take some pictures, which is always a good time.

Here's a pic from Yelapa, basically the Christiania of Puerto Vallarta. Whoa, imagine if Copenhagen was in the tropics!


Skunkbay said...

Belated Happy Brithday! Where is this in relation to the condo?

John said...

Thanks! Yelapa is like a 40 minute boat ride from downtown, South, into those mountains that you can barely see from the condo. When we were there it was too hazy to see the city from Yelapa.