nice attention span

I'm going to practice my b&w printing in preparation for what I think might be a photo show in August (I hope).  If you've any fave black and white images, let me know (50backflips@gmail.com) and I'll maybe give it a go.  To Andrew, I printed that one you suggested but I'm extremely slow in getting to the fedex store I guess.  gaah!  Maybe this weekend!  Do I have your address?   That thing was good practice-- a real bugger to get right, and I'm not sure I ever really did.  It's a great place to spend some time, the black and white darkroom.  I love the trays, seeing the silver coalesce is one of the reasons I fell in love with photography-- it's the closest thing to magic, other than those few rare times when you know, right when you hit the button, that you've got an all timer.


Unknown said...

Oh man, I can't wait. I totally have a spot for it already. Glad to hear it was a bitch to print too. Thanks man.

141 Freeman St., Apt 1
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Stephan P Ferreira said...

Just about the whole Cape Kiwanda Set are good! And there were some I couldn't find again of some of your foggy forest walks. Good luck! Please let me know when it is!