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This was the view from the room, at night.  The pool was like 4 pools all next to each other.  There was plenty of space to spread out a little, and only one day did I want to move (There was a really loud Canadian).  I wound up just going up to the room.  I think that was also the one day that I stayed up in the room cooking beans and watching basketball.  Christmas!  I made Christmas beans.   My mom asked if it was something I did every Christmas, but I've spent every Christmas with her, and she and my dad always handle all the food!  They were the inaugural Christmas beans.  We ate in a lot, doing it on the cheap.  They were also the best meals we had, I thought.  My brother had a good recipe for beef tacos, and I made chicken tacos one night.  Good stuff.
The closest buildings there are the Bay View Grand, where we stayed.  My uncles Richard and Gilbert own an amazing condo in there and were nice enough to lend it out  to our flock for Christmas.  The Condo compound is right next to the airport, and if I'd have brought a long lens I could have re-ignited the airplane picture set.  It was fun seeing all the planes take off.  Something to crane your neck to every half hour or so.
This was a little restaurant row a little North of the Bay View Grand.  The Bay View Grand is on the far southern tip of Puerto Vallarta, and this area, I'm not sure if it was in a city or what.  It was in a different state and time zone from where we were staying, I know that.  Georges was over there, where the beers are like 20 pesos cheaper than anywhere else, other than the grocery store obviously.  They had trampolines too, which looked pretty fun.  It'd be fun to tramp into the ocean, right?
It was a little bit of a hike to get over there.  We were greeted and escorted by a dog pack for a little bit.  The littlest one was the meanest.  I tried cooing to it, but it growled and bared it's teeth.  I stood up tall and faced it, then turned and went on my way.  Dog Whisperer style.
This was the view from the back of the condo.  Lots of palm trees and half constructed buildings.  That's an empty swimming pool in the middle of that big lot over there.  I never investigated, but I heard there were gators living in it.  There were signs at the beach-- beware of gators.  I only went swimming in the ocean once, and floating out there I got a little spooked.  I did not want to get mauled by a gator.  It's pretty low on my bucket list.

I only took the point and clicker and the Mamiya, both of which have pretty wide lenses.  So this is the best shot of a plane I got, I think.  Combine that with the graininess of this film, probably like 50 pixels make up that plane.  Not the best resolution.
Pop was on the hunt for beach glass.  He found some good ones.  I never found any.
Here's at Georges out on the beach with the cheap beer.  We got a fish dish.  I ate the eye.  It was chalky and disgusting.  The fish itself was pretty decent, and the beer was ice cold and the bottles were sweaty.
More with that dog pack.  There were about 8 of them, and for just a split second I was a little worried.  They were pretty big, wild Mexican dogs.  JESUS CHRISTO!
The walk home from Georges was pretty photogenic.
Chillin by the pool.  baby mamma
Scort was going to try to scare April (code name 04).  I was reading Ian Fleming's James Bond novels and Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe mystery novels.  Good pool reads.
The hallways at the condo area.  The railing was iron and I hear it rusts regularly.  The ocean air was pretty thick down there.
We were staying in the Marina district.  This was on the way to the grocery store, which was a nice walk.  The store wasn't too bad either!  We never made it to Costco or Walmart, but the store in the neighborhood had everything we needed.
George's w/ Scott and Dad.  It was the man afternoon.  Good times.
Over at George's there were federales in full camo with machine guns.  So that was cool, I guess.
Kind of a cool pic, this.
This dude was supervising.
The walk to Georges.
Georges seating area.  Lots of thatched roofs down there.
The pics are in kind of crazed order.  Scott wasn't sneaking up this slowly, or on a different day or anything.
Man afternoon.  Sensitive Shell collectors (euphemism for poets, I think)
The condo hall way again.  Super post!
The condo kitchen.  There was a shopping cart for getting everything from the cab to the room. 
The shocking conclusion to this scheme.  She didn't piscina the pool or anything. 
Cruise ship on fire out at sea.
Not every day you're in an elevator with a shopping cart.
Palm trees.  I love this film/camera combo.  The Ricoh FF90D with Kodak 3200.  Phenomenal!
Moon lines.
Tramping into the ocean.  Why aren't these kids doing that?
That was our Christmas Vacation. Tropical Christmas was great. Guess how many blankets I'm sitting under right now. It's four, and the dog is on me too. And my toes are cold. And I'm wearing my polar slippers. Friggen Oregon.

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Skunkbay said...

Did they tell you that the whole area by George's washed away last year? All that you saw there is new.