Where the Aloha meets the Willamette

a nice little state park there.  The Aloha was flooded, so I didn't exactly get to see the confluence.  There was some nice, still water though.  If you're into that kind of thing.


Black and white 2011 is off to a stellar start!



Jesus types

the last of the herb garden

our house is pretty dark.  Way too dark for a winter herb garden.  The basil bit the dust.


another mexican roll

not sure if any of these are repeats, doesn't matter.  Yelapa, the Malecon, etc.  Mexico was the bomb.  It's been ok here lately too.  Took a ton of pictures yesterday out in the country.  I'm thinking about doing solely black and white for 2011.  I'm not sure though.  All my favorite pictures are in color!  But black and white has the most classic awesome pictures.  Practice makes perfect, right?


nice attention span

I'm going to practice my b&w printing in preparation for what I think might be a photo show in August (I hope).  If you've any fave black and white images, let me know (50backflips@gmail.com) and I'll maybe give it a go.  To Andrew, I printed that one you suggested but I'm extremely slow in getting to the fedex store I guess.  gaah!  Maybe this weekend!  Do I have your address?   That thing was good practice-- a real bugger to get right, and I'm not sure I ever really did.  It's a great place to spend some time, the black and white darkroom.  I love the trays, seeing the silver coalesce is one of the reasons I fell in love with photography-- it's the closest thing to magic, other than those few rare times when you know, right when you hit the button, that you've got an all timer.



 similar takes
netty pot and sage on the window sill

funny things floating

hap sat

Marina district-- a lot of half finished construction.  I think it is probably the newest neighborhood, and therefore felt the full brunt of the 00's collapse.
this was the boat ride to Yelapa
The pool was the biggest pool I've ever seen.
This peacock made an appearance. 
This was a place where we ate one night-- they gave us so many shots!  Like a shot with your dinner, a shot if you order a drink, a shot if you ask for it.  For free!  Mexico is cool.
Sunset in Puerto Vallarta