the other mamiya

My favorite camera that I own is a Mamiya NC1000. It's a 35mm camera that I took on my honeymoon and found that it wasn't working. I was pretty bummed, but I had my huge 645 camera too, and the camera would fire, but only at one shutter speed (which I’ve since learned is a 1/1000th; I previously thought it was a 1/125th. My results were not great, but whatever. It was a Dutch Canal, right?) Since then, I'd planned on taking it in to get repaired, and put that off and put it off. The repair shop is hard to get to before 5 on weekdays. The last time I was there, they showed me that I had my batteries in backwards. I had always just assumed that it had somehow shorted out after that or something. I don’t know how old this thing is, and it’s just a rickety little camera. Finally, I planned on taking it in, but I wanted to make sure to not make a fool of myself, so I tried some fresh batteries. And yup, it sat there for 18 months with dead batteries. So now I’m back to shooting it. It’s fun. It’s little, the lenses are terrific, fast and sharp, it has the most unpredictable light meter, and it makes the most wonderful sound when the shutter fires. Daniel Peterson gave it to me when he moved to New York City a few years ago. Thanks Daniel!

EDIT: the battery cap fell off and I lost it.  Peace out to this stupid camera!

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