gd long hairs

We were out on Cape Kiwanda getting awesome wave shots, when Jake and Chris got totally smashed by a huge one. They were splashing all the way over and they were in the lion's den, I guess. Jake was freaking out afterwards. We all three actually got it at one point or another.  I tried running when one came, but you can't run from the Ocean, obviously.  The water was less heavy than I expected, coming down.  I didn't get any real good pictures of the explosions and air-born waves.  Every time one struck right, my jaw lowered and my arms wouldn't move.  Maybe I just wanted to see it with my eyes only, instead of through a viewfinder.

Edit: I can't really find any shots online of what we were going up against.  The top one here gives some idea, but it's not the clearest picture.

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