William Faulkner

edit: more like Flannery O'Connor, right?



hangin in an orchard is a pretty good time.


At the train tracks in Woodburn


film nerdery

I always get caught up in tonality, exposure, fine film grain, and whatnot, that I sometimes neglect other options. Like using the point and clicker with 3200 film. Kind of fun results. A good carry around module. The mamiya loaded with Acros and the Ricoh loaded with the Delta 3200—exact opposites basically.

October Swan

Wilson River, 10/2/2010


lazy leaves

pretty fun one day project.



New Woodburn, out by the freeway.  Out by the freeway consists of the massive outlet mall and every kind of fast-food.  The drag strip is also out there.  The downtown of Woodburn is like little-Mexico.  It's awesome.

Kurt Cobain's dead, dude

A teenager said that to us on the beach in Pacific City. We were awestruck. It was awesome.



Taqueria Woodburn.  I forget what it was called.  Luis' maybe?  Their food was pretty good and the portions were much larger than I was used to from a taqueria.  We ordered probably twice as much food as we should have.  The ceviche was quite good, as was the cheek taco.  President Obama had lunch there when he was trying to win the Democratic nomination.  Imagine how many lunches he had to eat!  Way to stay fit, Prez!


woodburn at night

out by the highway.

dog update

Dog is still pretty cute. In fact, he is getting cuter. I don't understand it, but it's SCIENCE!

bear practice

Bears make a good target, right?  We went out and shot Chris' compound bow and arrow, but there were some girl scouts at the range, so we had to do it from 20m, rather than a longer, more appropriate distance.  The arrow shot through a whole bale of hay in one case.  Here's another take:


this fence was around a municipal water supply, possibly?  There's a good bluff in Oceanside where you can get a good view.  This was up there.


Jake Arcularius

november swan, 2010

black and white!

the mamiya had me worried for a bit, but I feel much better about it now.