Wedding Photography!

It was hard not to just stray into P. and homie territory. I tried, but not at the expense of chilling out.

Another mistake I made was choosing discretion rather than really trying to get good shots. This one was from the hip using a pre-set focal length. Imagine that framed up, centered, level, and in focus! I don't know why, but sometimes I have a weird reluctance to bring a camera to my eye. Hopefully Megan (the full-timer) got something along these lines. Mr. Vogel gave a very funny speech later in the night. What a good sport!

Another rookie move was only bringing ISO 160 film. Hello! Day time isn't going to last forever! This could have been a classic shot if not for the joker in the checkered shirt muddying the composition (to say nothing of the exposure).

Finally, this classic part of the wedding. It's one of the best parts (great weight off the shoulders being done with the formal part). Also a good example of why the pros use a digicam with a motor drive-- avoiding bubbles obfuscating (almost spelled that right on the first try) the bride's face.

Once again, congrats to Dale and Vanessa. What a wedding! Probably the best I've ever been to. Sorry to go all self-criticism on the pics!

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va said...

these are so rad. thanks voves for bringing your skills. our love.
v and d