$uper sale

Some pics.  I have about 8 rolls waiting to be taken in, but school starts today, so priorities have shifted.  I guess I'll just have to figure it out.  Wish me luck!  I need to get added to both classes I want to take-- Micro Economics and Financial Accounting.  What fun!  They were full, but I've been in contact with both profs and they sound optimistic that I could get in.  I hope so.  This is all scheduled out, you know?  We can't be having any detours.  Anyhow, on Saturday I was up before the sun, out in Woodburn and Gervais.  I just gotta say, I love Gervais.  It's the prettiest place to take pictures.  There are grass alleys going through the whole town, and the fog was thick on Saturday.  I have high hopes for the pics I took.  Me and the Mamiya out there, trudging along, getting wet feet.

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Skunkbay said...

If you are in that area in the fog try getting to Mt. Angel and go up the hill to the Abbey. When I went to school there on a foggy day the hilltop would be above the fog in the sun and you could see all the tree tops in the valley sticking out of the fog.