camp fire

Good ones coming soon, hopefully.



Jake, I have a story to tell you next time I see you. Remind me. (I'll be chomping at the bit to tell it, probably)

$uper sale

Some pics.  I have about 8 rolls waiting to be taken in, but school starts today, so priorities have shifted.  I guess I'll just have to figure it out.  Wish me luck!  I need to get added to both classes I want to take-- Micro Economics and Financial Accounting.  What fun!  They were full, but I've been in contact with both profs and they sound optimistic that I could get in.  I hope so.  This is all scheduled out, you know?  We can't be having any detours.  Anyhow, on Saturday I was up before the sun, out in Woodburn and Gervais.  I just gotta say, I love Gervais.  It's the prettiest place to take pictures.  There are grass alleys going through the whole town, and the fog was thick on Saturday.  I have high hopes for the pics I took.  Me and the Mamiya out there, trudging along, getting wet feet.


a lazy vanity, and the shortest memory

This lady had crashed and she couldn't stop laughing.  I shot this as we biked by on the way to see the swifts.

neat bike.  Big pic dump.  Enjoy your weekend!

old town

fashion show

last night I dreamt that I was in a camera repair shop. It was harrowing. Almost as big a nightmare as the change in blogger's format. Jeepers creepers change is hard!


back yard

Wilson's back yard, a new classic in my eye. Fire-pit, roasting chilis, croquet, great sunset view, good times. He had an equinox fire last night (wish I could have gone! How was it Dan?). One time he had a solstice party too, in deep snow. Wilson is the king of pagan celebrations, which is a good throne to sit upon, I think.  Wait, is he actually a modern day deity?


street photograhpy

not my forte to be sure. So last night, I went to use the in-camera flash, and it popped out and this little piece of plastic flew out. After that, the camera just started beeping and wouldn't take pictures. It kept beeping until I took the battery out. Jeez. So that's a bummer. Earlier in the night, I went to pick up some dog poop, but the poop bag had a hole in it. So I got some poop on my hands and I stepped in some too. So, bad night! At least I skunked P. later, so that wasn't too bad.


Clyde Drexler, Michael Jordan

South Waterfront, Portland, Oregon
South Waterfront, Portland.


my 2222nd post. way more posts than years since Jesus!

From labor day


Cormorant. That's basically the official bird of me and p's marriage. They do the funniest dance. I think she may have taken this last one. She was heavy duty SLRing. Yeah! The colors came out sort of weird on these. Sort of aged. I'm not complaining.



compulsively hitting the button. I had a project in mind that I wanted to get off the ground before Oct 2010, but realized maybe Oct 2011 would be more like it.

wife piece!



I just love centering things in the frame. If there are blue skies this weekend I'm going back to this one, in hopes that autumn has reached this tree. These are the colors I'd hope for.


Skate spot. This thing is difficult to ride. I was there a few years ago, a time when I was closer to my prime certainly, and I couldn't grind it. (only speaking for myself, obviously)




Rhetorical question: Should I repair my Mamiya nc1000, for which I have three prime lenses, the camera is small, unreliable, manual, and awesome, or should I repair the lens for the canon, which is large, in charge, smarter than me, and quiet and awesome?

life is full of difficult questions.

two that are unrelated

Stewie smoking in the sunlight; chilis were roasting on the grill and burning in our guts.

balls at blue sky, in that weird gallery part; I think it's called the 9 Gallery, or something. The place where they don't have photos. Blue Sky is really neat! Photography is cool!


I'd like to study these rocks and find out why there are so many on Oregon's coast. They are so neat!

For a little more info: here

Edit: I think it has something to do with volcanic action. The ring of fire strikes again!

Artichokes, corn, brussels sprouts, and celery

I accidentally nuked all my phone contacts. Call me! Or email your info to 50backflips@gmail.com! OK!

Straight on


The Ocean

Labor Day

Sunset shots

Good thing about iso 800, usually I'm not towing a tripod around, but it's fast enough for good sunset shots.