weird pics

Dave H! Great to see you.

Amateur video making. Youtube "crisp no pants i phone exploitation knee injury ghetto bandage." Wait, don't.

And finally a nice one from home.

the other tube


Some pastel colors

Gentle night scenes

Washougal River


Some shots from the Point and clicker. The other night I took out my Canon and it was really fun being able to frame the shot, focus it, and pick the exposure. That and these kind of lousy results from the pointer lately, I think I might take in a broken lens to get fixed and go out with the Canon more often! I need a little SLRing in my life, I guess.

front of the house

My porch. I love my porch. Every time I sit out there I just get happy and wistful for that I can't just sit there for my every waking moment.

for some weird reason this double exposed with a river scene. I wouldn't know how to do this if I tried.


Wiff and Mum in Keizer

What a looker!

We went down for Mom's Birthday. It was so fun! We played cribbage in the sun and drank beer and ate bbq handburgers. So delicious. Thanks Mom and Dad!


Washougal River. This spot with the waterfalls and intense rock formations is my favorite river spot over all, I think. Lots of shade, deep pools, and thousands of people who also love it. Maybe I should try checking it out some winter, where it'd be a little less busy? That makes less sense than I thought it would. It would suck in the winter. There's nowhere to walk!


circles and shapes

Root Canal

Hope it wasn't too excruciating Kea! Soothe your mind with these weird color shots, if that's possible.


Well Kea, at least you didn't have to get a root canal. Get well soon!

bike shots

Washougal River, 2010

Eventually I'll figure it out. This is one stop over-exposed (from how I envisioned it).

Pretty colors

Just a little blurry

Scenes from around the house, volume n

Fitness in the man room? Typically a man room fitness regimen would be pushups and shots of whiskey. P takes a more limber approach. Dog looks to be chewing on a bone, which he'll do in any room he damn well pleases.

This old table was really wobbly and simply falling apart. It had to go, and finally P took it outside. I cried a little but now I hardly miss it.

Dog learned how to use his doggy door to the man porch. Nice one puppy!


August 2010

Some with the sun and its effects. The P&S isn't the best for slide film, probably. I don't know why though. You'd think it'd work just fine. Maybe it's just best for in your face flash photos.

Double Silhouette

Coupla good dudes. It almost looks like a triple silhouette starting.


Rocks Off

This isn't an accurate scan. It should have been quite a bit darker.


some 30-45 second exposures. Before I try these again I'll probably get one of those cable releases, and a working stop-watch.


the rings of Saturn

Forest pics. I was doing black and white film tests, sort of, in my haphazard half-assed way. Suffice to say, I'm just glad Acros is back. This is Ilford Pan-F plus ISO 50, which with a yellow filter is just too slow for me (had to shoot at ISO 25 which, unless you're trying to expose for sun-spots, is tripod mandatory basically). Ok, well. A couple others from the Elk Lake area, where me and dog went on an epic thirst hike and I got a chance to take some boringish pics.


portrait of my point and shoot camera and busted tripod (the canon fell out of the tripod when I was carrying it and cracked the body. Nice one cheapo POS!!!). Also, when the point and clicker is on the tripod you know I was taking some embarrassing myspace pics.



Our house has some special windows that create tons of rainbows in the morning.


Elk lake Surrounding area forest

Forest. It's possible the light meter on the Ricoh isn't 100% accurate (color shift)