bummer trip

Some stupid, funny, pointless pics from a sad Saturday night. Sure have been short on words lately (rectification to follow). Yesterday I'd never been more tired. I'm taking a statistics class that meets four times a week and is sort of challenging and the classes are 2 and a half hours of furious scribbling of equations and calculations and my bicycling distance has doubled and my job is pointless and I'm always losing days and hurriedly making dinner and saving meats off the grill engulfed in flames so bad they set the fire alarm off in our house. So I basically don't have a lot of time to think or reflect or chill out and have an arnold palmer or seven. If you've read the new Harpers with the concealed hand-gun article, I'm basically always in condition yellow or higher. At least the summer has been a big enough bummer that it's not like I'm missing anything.

evening, Saturday

Columbia River Mall

Weird fences

Painters Place

Art studio in the 2nd story of an old academic building in Downtown Portland Oregon. Pretty weird blinds.



loose sense of propriety around PSU.


This was an example where it came out pretty much exactly as I planned. So that's good.


I shot a whole roll around Beaverton, and each pic has a fence in it.


Nazi Fences

my bid to become a technically masterful photographer is coming along slower than I'd hoped

I biked out to Beaverton to find some fences. There are many out there! I think I might need to get this camera adjusted or something. The exposure seems to be off possibly? At least I remembered my yellow filter this time. On second look, these aren't so bad. They're just not what I expected/hoped for (lots of tonal values in darker areas, but this was a bright summer day. What do you expect? Maybe I could try to figure out how to get lots of tonal values in highlight areas.)


rotten coffee

A couple shots where I took the film to Citizen's. It's more than quick stop and nearly as shitty. I'm picking up some from pro-photo tonight, but it's twice as much as quick stop. They do a really good job though. Many pictures of fences coming up! I was trying for something a little more serial. (See this old pic [2nd one down] for the genesis)


Funny Ampitheater


not sure why they're always blocking off that space.


If I'd have 1 hour'd these, I might have made it big. Alas.


Scott and April

My final is tonight. I'm too nervous or excited (?) for fan-sites or jokes.


The ride out

Last bike ride with Devon. :(

Citizen's go

We had to walk one fellow's bike out. He was too hurt to do anything.

So bummed.

Jess was all "what did you guys do to him?!?!?"

Very nice of her to come pick him up. On the way home I heard he puked in her car. I haven't ever been there, but Devon was empathetic. I felt bad!


Top doggies

That GD blue line going through the frames: I blame QUICK STOP INFERNAL PHOTO IN PORTLAND, THE BANE OF MY CURRENT EXISTENCE. internet feud!

Camping pics