Sauvie Camping

The Sheriff was firmly on our tail, hounding us at every stop with threats, edicts, and a watchful eye. "Don't camp here tonight. I will find you. Put that fire out. Is that beer an energy drink?"

We tried to distract him with the smell of delicious food and an innocent Frisbee game.

Eventually the Bushmills took over and we biked 10 miles in twilight to a camping spot outside the Sheriff's jurisdiction, but still on the island. We badly wanted him to see us biking over the bridge and back into civilization in the morning, to no avail. We live to wrangle another day, even if we're now a soldier short. We did it Devon! We bike camped! Enjoy MN! I hear they have several lakes there for which to adventure by.

I think I only took one of these pictures. Can you guess which one!?


Anonymous said...

I took the flying disc photo.

John said...

outstanding pic, anon

Boyee said...

Love it. Love it.