Bitter Rains

A few others from Woodburn. Quick Stop changed their hours to close an hour earlier, otherwise I would have had some new, exciting shots for today. Instead I walked the dog there yesterday in the rain to find they were closed. I swear, if they weren't the cheapest, best place in town I'd be a lot more disgruntled. Coming in the future is going to be massive Lee Friedlander rip-off black and whites. I finally have a favorite photographer-- Get ready! Also get ready for some seriously damaged shots. I was using that Zeiss camera I borrowed from Jake, getting great desert pictures, when one afternoon I pulled it out of the camera bag and the damn thing was swinging wide open! I've never screwed up 120 film like that so I'm not sure it'll be totally wrecked, but I'm not holding out much hope. Too bad too, I had one pic on there that I was really jazzed about. Prepare to over-use the malfunctions tag, square B&W's, and gushing! June is going to be the gong!

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