the freshest fishest

Aberdeen, WA. Birthplace of two notables-- K. Cobain and Lee Friedlander. Giants in their fields.


Long hard road we were on.


nature shots

Epic nature shots are tough!

A few that I actually took

A thinking man

An observing man

Dangerous men on the move

stolen motifs

Best Daniel Peterson impersonation I could muster

Still trying for a good Friedlander ripoff. (ed. note: Lee Friedlander is a prolific black and white photographer)



Sauvie Camping

The Sheriff was firmly on our tail, hounding us at every stop with threats, edicts, and a watchful eye. "Don't camp here tonight. I will find you. Put that fire out. Is that beer an energy drink?"

We tried to distract him with the smell of delicious food and an innocent Frisbee game.

Eventually the Bushmills took over and we biked 10 miles in twilight to a camping spot outside the Sheriff's jurisdiction, but still on the island. We badly wanted him to see us biking over the bridge and back into civilization in the morning, to no avail. We live to wrangle another day, even if we're now a soldier short. We did it Devon! We bike camped! Enjoy MN! I hear they have several lakes there for which to adventure by.

I think I only took one of these pictures. Can you guess which one!?


Waiting it out

There were no beaches when we paddled home into the wind, so we temporarily docked at this out-jutting log, where I ate a plum and a peach and we caught our breath. Canoeing sucks! Just kiddin. Also, I realize those waters don't look so harsh from here, but out on them was a different story!

bye buds

back to MN for these fine folks. Happy Trails you two! Forward a mailing address ASAP!

marine marsh

We saw a seal or some other marine mammal swim up into this little marshy area. It was pretty cool.

tired wife

sometimes when you're adventure camping, well, life will take it out of you. P thought this rock bed was a good place to catch some rays and a few zs. Best sleep she had all weekend, as reported by her.

Lake Ozette, WA. 2010

lake ozette, washington

blood forest

Unedited slide scans from Lake Ozette and the Hoh rain forest. I'm never trying slide film again. What a waste.



Lots of pics from the Olympic Peninsula. Good times up there