zeiss ikon

I let Chris borrow my camera because he was complaining about chaperoning us, then Jake let me borrow his extra. A Zeiss Ikon. At first I was freaking out because you have to estimate everything, including what's in the frame. You have to estimate the focus distance, the shutter speed could be anything from 100-300, which didn't make any sense (if you're used to 125 and 250, 100 is baffling and 300 even more so), and you had to guess whether or not the shutter even fired! Not something I'd really want to bet my life on, but all things being equal it was pretty fun. It was a folding camera, so you could basically fit it in your pants, but then it takes 6x6 shots-- very good sized. I think Jake uses it in a good capacity-- sparingly, and as a backup.

For this shot I kept telling p to shift her head the other way. She kept giving me a semi-profile, like looking 70 degrees at the camera. I wanted dead on, and she almost wound up screaming "hit the button already." So that's why she looks a little exasperated. We still have a little work to do in the model/photographer part of our marriage.

Also, this is the first of hopefully millions of square shots. We'll see how it works online. 6x6 was invented before wide-screen, I feel comfortable asserting that.


Daemon said...

heat shifting...?

john said...

thanks, copy editor!

Daemon said...

It's what i do... next I'm going to change everything to british spelling, like flavour and programme