trees of woodburn

We went on a photo trip, me and Jake and Chris, and I whipped out my point and clicker and yelled at Jake "check out my equipment!" and he said "That's all you brought?" Typically I'd have a bag worth of junk, manual focusers, filters, and light meters and flashes, but this time I was feeling minimal, or unmotivated, or maybe just unwilling to pack shit. I took some pictures with it. It wasn't too bad, like 3/4 of a brick and about the same dimensions. We hiked around, dodging rain storms, eventually we wound up at a strip club out in the sticks. It was rad. The strip club was pretty crazy and it literally wasn't in a town. It was at an intersection in some farm land next to a rotting house and it was called "last chance saloon," I think. Jake and I sat at the bar to watch the dancer, put down our dollars, and she came over and started lap dancing him right there! I was like a foot away and I was seriously freaking out. I got up and went to the regular bar. I did not want a $1 lap dance. No offense to the dancer or anything, it was just too charged for the day I was having. Sorry to abandon you down there Jake! I sat for the next girls' shift, but she was too high to let a single song play through. She was trying traditional Mexican music, which was better than whatever industrial horror rock had been playing earlier, but the song would intro and she'd skip ahead, over and over for all the songs.

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