crazed jogger

crisp is the man. We played basketball last night. I don't know who I'd compare his game to, but he can fly for rebounds and blocked shots, makes good passes, and is really good at making lay-ups. His jumper looked pretty good but he didn't take many. The big Swede or Norsk, I can't remember exactly, but Eric was there, and I thought I was playing against Mehmet Okur. It was crazy. I missed a few layups, as always, but hit a couple turn-arounds in traffic and made some passes. At one point this girl set an awesome screen that I came off, caught a pass, and missed a 10 footer for the win! It was really in and out. Then this dude banked a 3 pointer that was really for the win. That was the last game, and my legs were really getting cramped! It was pretty fun, but I think I'd rather play for free at the playground, even if I only get out there like 3 times a year. One of the teams was using a zone defense and we lacked the chops to beat it. Talk about tough!

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