#1983 of all time, according to my calculations. Big deal! Y2K looms large.

The last 6 cds I've checked out from the library have all been either Lennon, McCartney, or the Rolling Stones. I'm finally catching up on my rock music. There were many years of rap dominance. Rock music isn't too bad either, in case you were wondering my opinion on the matter. What direction do you go in after these groups though? I don't think progressive rock, maybe deeper into jazz music? I do dig jazz, man.

Anyhow, we're off to the desert. Pour one out in memorial of all the fallen dogs and cats. Our menu is looking decidedly Mexican-- Negra Modelo, guacamole, Mexican tortilla chips, and tons of limes. Tons o fun

edit: Also, an even 110 for the month of May. That's like Joe DiMaggio's 56; if that sucker falls we're all in for a world of hurt. I'll have to check into rehab or something.

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