Ha 111 even is better. happy mem day

Ha 111 even is better. happy mem day



#1983 of all time, according to my calculations. Big deal! Y2K looms large.

The last 6 cds I've checked out from the library have all been either Lennon, McCartney, or the Rolling Stones. I'm finally catching up on my rock music. There were many years of rap dominance. Rock music isn't too bad either, in case you were wondering my opinion on the matter. What direction do you go in after these groups though? I don't think progressive rock, maybe deeper into jazz music? I do dig jazz, man.

Anyhow, we're off to the desert. Pour one out in memorial of all the fallen dogs and cats. Our menu is looking decidedly Mexican-- Negra Modelo, guacamole, Mexican tortilla chips, and tons of limes. Tons o fun

edit: Also, an even 110 for the month of May. That's like Joe DiMaggio's 56; if that sucker falls we're all in for a world of hurt. I'll have to check into rehab or something.

Rhymes with

Trippy pics!


St Louis Ponds

St Louis Ponds, Oregon
St Louis Ponds, Oregon
St Louis Ponds, Oregon
Some more scenery


leaves and trees and grass in a marsh

St Louis Ponds

I took this picture as jake was yelling at me to save the film for the next spot. If he only knew! This was at the St Louis Ponds, a real weird place that was pretty close to where I grew up actually, but maybe there wasn't a road to get there or something. It was weird, I'll repeat that. Central Willamette Valley-- heck of a place. Also, I think I'm going to really dig the square format.


This was the rotting house outside the strip club. See below for further details.

packed goodwill

I ventured to the game/toy aisle trying to find a cribbage board and almost had a nervous breakdown. It was cramped and kids were screaming. Tough day at the Goodwill!

trees of woodburn

We went on a photo trip, me and Jake and Chris, and I whipped out my point and clicker and yelled at Jake "check out my equipment!" and he said "That's all you brought?" Typically I'd have a bag worth of junk, manual focusers, filters, and light meters and flashes, but this time I was feeling minimal, or unmotivated, or maybe just unwilling to pack shit. I took some pictures with it. It wasn't too bad, like 3/4 of a brick and about the same dimensions. We hiked around, dodging rain storms, eventually we wound up at a strip club out in the sticks. It was rad. The strip club was pretty crazy and it literally wasn't in a town. It was at an intersection in some farm land next to a rotting house and it was called "last chance saloon," I think. Jake and I sat at the bar to watch the dancer, put down our dollars, and she came over and started lap dancing him right there! I was like a foot away and I was seriously freaking out. I got up and went to the regular bar. I did not want a $1 lap dance. No offense to the dancer or anything, it was just too charged for the day I was having. Sorry to abandon you down there Jake! I sat for the next girls' shift, but she was too high to let a single song play through. She was trying traditional Mexican music, which was better than whatever industrial horror rock had been playing earlier, but the song would intro and she'd skip ahead, over and over for all the songs.

poker night

Thanks Alex for hosting! Nice house! Great location.

Heat rays

Phoebe and Eric's new house. Supposedly the wall in this below picture isn't even there any more! Money pit! Congrats to those two though, really neat house and a great couple of yards. They're going to literally raise the roof too, which seems pretty intense. Eric is a project master though, so they're in good hands.

A couple of food shots in a row, this was purple potatoes and yams for dinner, with the sun coming in so hot I couldn't help take the picture.

you can actually see the heat rays raising in the shadow.

epic bbq

cooked carrots

I cooked p some great carrots and zucchini for lunch one day last weekend. They came out pretty good.

More of the drunk auto-focus. Drats!

St. Something

This is one of the women I've been visiting for my volunteer work. She's a tough old Catholic. I could get a better picture than this, maybe I'll try next week. B&W might be a good option.


zeiss ikon

I let Chris borrow my camera because he was complaining about chaperoning us, then Jake let me borrow his extra. A Zeiss Ikon. At first I was freaking out because you have to estimate everything, including what's in the frame. You have to estimate the focus distance, the shutter speed could be anything from 100-300, which didn't make any sense (if you're used to 125 and 250, 100 is baffling and 300 even more so), and you had to guess whether or not the shutter even fired! Not something I'd really want to bet my life on, but all things being equal it was pretty fun. It was a folding camera, so you could basically fit it in your pants, but then it takes 6x6 shots-- very good sized. I think Jake uses it in a good capacity-- sparingly, and as a backup.

For this shot I kept telling p to shift her head the other way. She kept giving me a semi-profile, like looking 70 degrees at the camera. I wanted dead on, and she almost wound up screaming "hit the button already." So that's why she looks a little exasperated. We still have a little work to do in the model/photographer part of our marriage.

Also, this is the first of hopefully millions of square shots. We'll see how it works online. 6x6 was invented before wide-screen, I feel comfortable asserting that.

point and clicker


I'm getting a little worried about my point and click camera. The auto focus seems to be drunk.

I sort of hacked it, but not in a way that would affect the auto-focus. I exposed this at like iso 1250 or something (iso 200 film) to underexpose and make the clouds like craze. I should have stopped it down to like 3200.

May 2010

The rainiest and shittiest on record. I kept trying to will summer by wearing shorts and tank-tops. So far all I've gotten is wet and cold. Oh well. I'm for sure going to top 100 blog posts, so it's like a double whammy. What a disaster.

Photo credit either Jake, Chris, or Ashby.

Ha ha it's like a speech or thought bubble. I can't figure out which exactly.

Political portraiture

Contact me today for your Senate/House runs. I will take your picture future Republican congresspeople.

a few more from mt tabor

the escape was pretty scary!

mega post old pictures

Some scraps. I don't know if they've been posted yet or not. What, are you paying for this? Whoa, this post is track 12, and it's called Attitude. Some from a bum-fire, some from woodburn, some from a walk I took some time back. I would like to take more walks-- aimless ones are the best.