Mom and Dad came up for the art opening at Nationale. We had some grandma drinks (Canadian whisky and 7-up and lemon wedge if you have it) and shot the bull.

That freaking dog is driving us all crazy. As much as I need a vacation I need one from that little demon. He does have a nice new haircut though.

Rare pic of Pale smiling! She's uber serious (but only in front of the camera).

Next we went to the show for a bit, stood around, then off to the Doug Fir for dinner, then back to the 811 block for a while longer. Good night, good night. I think it was virgin nerves, but I couldn't sit still all night and wound up drinking waaaay too much over the course of the night. I don't know why, but I was just a wreck. I didn't like that part, but otherwise it was pretty cool to have a photo in a group show. Unfortunately I didn't get any pics from the gallery itself. Oh well!

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Stephan said...

i saw the show - great! it's incredible that all the photographs work so well next to each other - a similar texture, palette - but they're all different artists. Cute new Nationale Space!