let off, let down. Feet forward

Strange Views from Kelly Point Park, where the mighty Willamette meets the mightier Columbia. When we were walking around out there I had a whirlpool of ideas and paragraphs in my mind, but I was rather hung-over, and the ideas were either no good (likely) or just of a different state of mind that I can't get to right now (also possible).

This is the last roll from the Mamiya, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't shopping hardcore online for weird film systems from craigslists the country over. The 7 seems to be a consensus pick, although I found an enticing 6 from right here in Portland today for less than a thousand dollars. I didn't pull the trigger, as I enjoy shopping till the point of exhaustion and finally buying something weird on a whim. I wouldn't mind something with a waist level finder too I tell you, maybe something of the Hasselblad family? God, this is just other real estate, price-wise, this land I'm venturing into. Very discouraging for that reason, but world-class of anything I guess will cost you.

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