Kelly Point Feasters

On the Willamette side, there was this family that was fishing and littering. Weird trashy people wearing camouflage and probably teaching their kids all the good cuss words early. I didn't get a picture, but there were also two very nice men in a little shelter fishing and listening to the radio. "beating the rain and wind in there?" I asked, and they said yep. "Listening to the radio and fishing!" They were pretty stoked. This trash family was much less friendly. So I'm talking trash about them online.

Then over here on the Columbia side was a bit nicer family, well, two dudes with their kids, having a little camp fire and the kids were playing tag and having a sand war, it looked like. Kelly point! I tell you what. It's a beach.

This is the actual point point. It's kind of rounded off, so it's hard to tell. But these rocks are where the Columbia meets the Willamette. Geography! It's neat. This time next week I'll be on the tip of a peninsula that you can see on any globe-- Baja California! HELL YEAH! We're going to Cabo San Lucas for some much much needed R&R. Plenty of sunset shots when we get back. I'll be at the infinity bar suckas!

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Skunkbay said...

You two have a good time in Cabo.