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Me and Chris had this tight day last weekend. Other people had it too, but Chris just does everything with such aplomb, it's infectious. First we biked to Goodwill (where I will spend time and build a library from, hopefully and eventually), then we went to Ladd's Inn to watch the blazers win game 4, we played some great pool games, then we went to Sauvie Island and played frisbee and drank some beers, then we went to Taqueria Santa Cruz in St John's and got stuffed, then we kicked it at my house and drank liquor and coffee and watched James Bond movies, then we went and had a great bum fire. It was so awesome, but it was probably just another day for Chris. I feel like weird awesome days are the norm for him. He swam after an errant frisbee in the freezing columbia, he did some great dance moves (pics forthcoming), he peed on the fire (pics forthcoming? We'll see), and he cracked great jokes and told me I was a pain in the ass to try to talk to. I've tried to be a little more extroverted since then, at least to my homies and P. It's hard. Crisp! You da man! Sorry I'm such a pain to try to talk to.

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