Cosco Mexico

This was on the first day, and it was basically the only low-light of the trip. Bulk shopping! We were stressin.

The only real appropriate things we bought in bulk was beer, tequila, margarita mix, limes, bottled water, and chips. We also got this huge breakfast pastry thing that was frosted, and two loaves of bread. We used a whole mesh bag of limes on the trip, and I even had to go get some more. I think we basically drank the whole two cases of beer, maybe not quite. I tried! We obviously brought home tequila too, which is a good gift for dog-watching.

We also got a rotisserie chicken, which Pilar kept looking sideways at. It was really good. We cut it up and made chicken sandwiches.

Oh, one thing I took a digital picture of was that the Hangover movie is called "que paso ayer" in Spanish-- "what happened last night?" And I, Robot, starring Will Smith, is called Yo Robot! YO ROBOT! GET OUT OF HERE YOU ARE A ROBOT.

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