Concatenate nerves into words

It was good to see you Diana! Come back soon!

REMINDER: Pretty neat art show tonight at Nationale. It's a neat store that has a mini-library, perfume (ooh la la neat smells), and, of course, bong art. Particularly one by me off in the corner. Talk about a perfect storm! I smell great, I know how to read, and my picture will be on the wall. If I've ever come to one of your rock shows and pumped up the crowd, shoot, or if I've ever initiated crowd surfing at a party that you were at, you sort of owe me. I can only project excitement for so long before I need a charge. Come down and say hello. Mike and Cindy will be there, and little Scotty too if he can make it over the pass. Supposedly there's been a few feet of snow in the past few days up there. If he can risk his life and limb, you can surely risk a little (ok, a lot of) social awkwardness.


Skunkbay said...

What is that thing (SS Kbar) in the top photo?

John said...

beached submarine?

Skunkbay said...

I thought it was a UFO built by Salem Concrete