bright lights.

Cabo doesn't have a dock big enough for the cruise ships, so they just sit out there like apparitions in the early day light.

Those tan umbrellas shaded the most comfortable beach chairs I've ever been on. They were like beds. That's also where the constant rock music was bumping, but this early in the day they'd play more hushed traditional (maybe) Mexican tunes, which was relaxing.

Uncle David gets so tan, it's nuts. He gets as dark or darker than the locals who sell jetski rentals shirtless, and those dudes get TAN. On another note-- Get well soon BJ!

David and Kathy's (uncle and aunt, David is Mike's brother, married to Kathy) were staying a half mile or so down the beach. Their resort's pool had a pirate ship in it. There was a bar aboard, but I never sampled the hooch. I hope everyone is enjoying my vacation slide show with commentary, a defunct, stereotypically boring tradition. I'm fighting the odds!

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