decent duo

These two were like two away from each other on the roll, which is kind of neat. A strange pairing, sure.

Another Respite

As has been covered elsewhere, my take on the time Alex accidentally caught his hand on fire.


The pool. I'm getting sort of sick of posting all these Mexican shots, but I'm not just going to abandon them or come back later. Trudging on!

We ate boatloads of limes and drank tons of lime juice. It was really nice.

This was a pretty plush resort. We were just walking through.

Pilar y Mexico


Perfect horizon lines in this post. HELL YEA

I saw the best skim-boarders I've ever seen down there. The beaches were well suited to it, I think. They sloped pretty steeply towards the break, which was small. This kid was killin it.


Pilar got bonked on the head. It was from one of those arms that raise and lower to allow vehicles into or out of parking areas. She didn't see that it even existed and it came down hard and just smashed her head. The bleeding was pretty profuse but we stayed pretty calm and continued our errands.

Those frozen vegetables from the super-store wound up coming in pretty handy.

Eventually the doctor came up. The doctor was also the handy man and a security guard. He did have a huge tube of neosporin though, so that was handy.


Closing in

Fricken Spiderman knows how to party


Crisp fan-site

Me and Chris had this tight day last weekend. Other people had it too, but Chris just does everything with such aplomb, it's infectious. First we biked to Goodwill (where I will spend time and build a library from, hopefully and eventually), then we went to Ladd's Inn to watch the blazers win game 4, we played some great pool games, then we went to Sauvie Island and played frisbee and drank some beers, then we went to Taqueria Santa Cruz in St John's and got stuffed, then we kicked it at my house and drank liquor and coffee and watched James Bond movies, then we went and had a great bum fire. It was so awesome, but it was probably just another day for Chris. I feel like weird awesome days are the norm for him. He swam after an errant frisbee in the freezing columbia, he did some great dance moves (pics forthcoming), he peed on the fire (pics forthcoming? We'll see), and he cracked great jokes and told me I was a pain in the ass to try to talk to. I've tried to be a little more extroverted since then, at least to my homies and P. It's hard. Crisp! You da man! Sorry I'm such a pain to try to talk to.


Tropical trash cans.

dolphins over-seeing a frying bird.

Our porch was da bomb!

Chill zones to the nth

The best chaise lounges.

Cosco Mexico

This was on the first day, and it was basically the only low-light of the trip. Bulk shopping! We were stressin.

The only real appropriate things we bought in bulk was beer, tequila, margarita mix, limes, bottled water, and chips. We also got this huge breakfast pastry thing that was frosted, and two loaves of bread. We used a whole mesh bag of limes on the trip, and I even had to go get some more. I think we basically drank the whole two cases of beer, maybe not quite. I tried! We obviously brought home tequila too, which is a good gift for dog-watching.

We also got a rotisserie chicken, which Pilar kept looking sideways at. It was really good. We cut it up and made chicken sandwiches.

Oh, one thing I took a digital picture of was that the Hangover movie is called "que paso ayer" in Spanish-- "what happened last night?" And I, Robot, starring Will Smith, is called Yo Robot! YO ROBOT! GET OUT OF HERE YOU ARE A ROBOT.

Boat ride

Old fish factory

Pelican rock, Maybe where we went snorkeling.

Pilar shedding her SPF t-shirt. Rays baby.



These are from basically the exact tip of the Baja Peninsula. It was neat to be there, like when you're in Florida thinking "you could see me from space right now, basically." Or if you were in Panama, or Japan or something. You can't see the Columbia river from Space I don't think, and I know you can't see Oregon's NW hump. So it was just a cool place to be, geographically speaking.


Here is the future pier for the cruise ships, I guess. Huge.

Neat rock formations out there.


A nice set.

Lovers beach. We didn't make it out there, but we did go boating in the Pacific, so that was good enough. Richardo's credo was that you can only do one thing a day in Mexico, and we frankly spent many days doing zero things. No sweat! Made in the shade!

Things to do in Mexico

Activities galore! "you wanna do any activities?" is a popular sales pitch on the beach for the jetski/parasail/scuba salesmen.
Goofing off is also very popular.



Beach scenes-- among the best kinds of scenes


These blue umbrellas were thick, like a rain forest of day-time drinking and tacos. It was one of those places, I think, with an MC making sure everyone was doing lots of shots during the day. At night, this crowd and scene would move inland, to places like Squid Roe and Cabo Wabo. We never made it to any of the night-time clubs, but that's not really our thing, so it was ok.

The beach at points was very steep. It was exciting!

Many vendors walked the beach, back and forth all day dressed in white. They had lots of good looking sunglasses, and as I've joked before, weed and cocaine for sale.

Beach action!

Beach action! Why is it basically impossible for me to get level horizons? DRAG CITY