something something something

From the forest. Jake and I went to the springwater or whatever and took many meager pictures.

Spring is for sure in late February. I was out shredding. I found some great concrete ledges, but there was literally bum piss flowing on the sidewalk towards me. The bum came up and asked if I had any cocaine, but I didn't. I biked to some skatepark way out in the West hills. It was a tiring day, but it was a beautiful spring day, so I had to take advantage.

From a morning. We were at a dog park, and I really wanted a coffee. I walked over to Hawthorne and the closest place was the weirdest brunch place ever on Hawthorne-- I don't know what it was called exactly (something generic) but the coffee came with more cream and sugar than I thought possible. It was like drinking hot coffee ice cream. Mmmmmm.

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Scort Vee said...

dude, there is a UFO in that picture with the cherry blossoms or whatever those white flowers on that tree are. AHHHHHHHH!!!! Run for your life!!!!