Detroit is a reservoir damned by the Detroit dam, a New Deal piece of engineering and design. You can fish from the deck of the damn (if you don't mind reeling a fish up 100 feet), but the visitor center has been closed for "security reasons;" the photography inside the lobby is yellowing and dusty, the furniture has been cleared out and is probably rotting somewhere in storage or has been bombed to smithereens in Baghdad.

In the summer Detroit is a favorite of boaters and campers coming from Salem, Oregon, as the reservoir is less than an hour outside of town. In the winter they let the river flow lower, which reveals these wonderful stumps that during the summer live under water. A handful of fisherman cast from the muddy banks, in hopes of catching whatever fish swim those waters before they get to the dam, or before they get up into the mountains proper, depending, I guess, on which way they're swimming. I believe you could walk these grounds in early fall in hopes of finding all those treasures dropped off the side of the boat every summer, but you'd have to be some kind of scavenger to actually do it.

I came home from Bend via a different route- HWY 22 through the Cascade Mountain range. The route was beautiful (more pics to come, obviously, of some of these points), passing Mt Washington, Three Finger Jack, Black Butte, Mt Jefferson, and others. The last real attraction was this empty reservoir and its graveyard of these stumps, which I tried to take some pictures of. This was the last photo-shoot using black and white that'll be filter-free, so hopefully in the future they'll look even bonger.


Dan said...

These are beauties! Thanks for taking me to Detroit for a moment. I appreciate the prose, keep it up.

Skunkbay said...

Brings back a lot of childhood memories. Dad took us up there a lot to fish. We went when dam under construction and saw river comming out of bypass tunnel. Grandpa Whitlock used to go up there to fish and had to take horses from Mill City where road ended.

Anonymous said...

Nice job John! I was by Detroit Lake a few weeks ago and was regretting not having my camera...glad to see you took advantage of the scenery. -Devon