The rest of the rest

Waste not want not.

Bum fire

It's "[i]mpolite...like coming to a concert with a pistol in your hand." Henri Cartier-Bresson, on using a flash for photography.

this on this. What a concept

Ansel Adams on Built to Spill? Dang. I was really shooting for André Kertész on the Rollins Band.

Look out for an online fan-site of a web page soon! Once I can properly troll your site for epic party action.

asleep at 8

awake at 11, worrying about Alzheimer's. This gig is going to be really weird.


April is the Cruelest Month

More information at Nationale. Also relevant.

We'll be having a talk Next Monday too. I'm already shaking in my boots. Please come and buy my picture! Or at least come and say hello. I have unreal fright about this, oddly.


quite soft

very sharp


Hospice Training

Today I'm going to go do some hospice volunteering, and I'll be visiting someone with dementia. I'm sort of nervous. Should be interesting though. I'm looking forward to this chance to really expand my comfort zone and to do something really weird, but good and helpful. Hopefully it all works out okay. The twilight of life-- a place and time that might encourage some weird thoughts that I might be better off not facing. The terminality of life. It's scary. I don't know. I guess it's better to face it than ignore it.

Oh, I went and saw Scout Nibblet on Saturday. Dan was drumming for her, but for one song she got on the drums and started repeating "We're all gonna die, we're all gonna die" over and over. That made me laugh, because it was so dumb. Actually staring it in the face will surely elicit other reactions though.


Two takes

I'm super ambivalent about using the flash. On the one hand, you usually get really interesting effects, but on the other it's really intrusive, blinding, annoying, cumbersome, and unnatural. I'm at like 50/50. Plus I don't have the patience a lot of times to incorporate a fourth variable (other than the ISO, aperture, and Speed), aiming it, etc.



I always take these desolate landscape shots, like hell-scapes. I like them, pointless as they are. Evil Ansel Adams!


the king of promotion

just kidding. Anyways, Homeschool has some great prints I did recently, and their event is tonight! (Saturday). Hope to see you there! I was thinking about guerilla bartending it, but then I woke up and got out of bed. Would that be a good idea?




Happy Birthday to Joe Wallig! Joe is a homey to the heart and a shredder of some magnitude.


Warm Springs Indian Reservation. I'd been wanting to take pictures here for a while, and we finally did! We only had to drive 400 miles to sneak in for 40 minutes before the sun went down. Miserablest day ever!


Classic rock

I was thinking a lot about classical composition when I was taking these, even if it doesn't really show. What other rules are there than the rule of thirds? Is there a rule of compositional balance? I don't know!!! I was a communications major!!! All I learned was to nod your head when the teacher was talking, and to do it sort of slow and knowingly. Did anybody like that poem I did? So if there's a rock on the lower left, did I mess up by not having a comet in the upper right?

huge fire bro

Fire burns fat in the early spring
those logs deposited from winter floods
and no one down there to enjoy them
we'll use them up
all at once
and later in August we'll burn one Indian style
small and without much heat
to crowd around naked and wet from the swim at night
drying off and shivering embarrassededly
this is both a limerick and some bong iambic pentameter
and I've made up a word.

Wow, I made a poem!

There's like an Acura radio ad out right now pondering why Autumn is so much more prone to nostalgia than spring, and it's because every spring is filled with hope, and every autumn regret. Every Spring, anything is possible, and every autumn you just wish you could be a kid again.

Just kidding.


50backflips.com exclusive

Just kiddin. Nothing new to report with these really. Except that they're still probably going to discontinue the Acros in medium format. Whatever, I won't miss it.

Bum Fire 2010

Bum Fire! This one was great. We found 3 Christmas trees down there to burn. Exciting!

rain falling

attention span


the yellow era

I always put off buying any filters for any of my cameras for any of my photos in the fear that all my different cameras would have different lens sizes and different filter sizes. But they're all 58mm so I'm actually pretty set. I got a yellow filter and next I'm either going to buy a polarizer or a 2 stop graduated density filter. FILM GEEKERY COMMENCE! I always used to want to buy new cameras and new lenses but now I'm to the point where I just really want a filter library. But what kind of cataloging system will I use?

tripod era

Fun rainy night out on Sauvie with Jake, our tripods, and some Old Crow. I have a few that I'll post later where you can see that yes, it was indeed rainy. Jake had the foresight to use an umbrella. I had the foresight to not bring out the big guns, camera-wise.