nothing in the tubes

Last summer I was on a Jury, and the city sent me checks every couple of weeks. It was a long trial, so there were many. But the checks were only for like 40 cents, or a dollar ten. I added up all of them and it's like 6 dollars or something, and I guess I just thought it'd be more fun to imbalance the city's checkbook than to actually get the money. Plus It makes for great decoration, right? So weird. I think it was for transportation costs, which I must have facetiously put as 20 cents a day or something (biking). I should have said it'd be more like 5$ a day, to pay for that amazing indian food they have in those carts downtown. They obviously didn't have any human eyes looking at this, cutting checks for such little money and actually mailing them to me. 41 cents just for postage to mail a 20 cent check. How much does it cost to buy the checks, do all the processing, the cost of envelopes, etc. So silly!

Slightly smaller poker game. Dog had a straight, but somebody else had a full house.

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