birthday party

Jess had a nice birthday party for herself. It was combo- Mexican and Russian-- basically two of the better cultures, right?

Devo was making her whiff so many times, it was hilarious.


You can see there on the table the Russian part-- Jess went to the cultural store and bought a big jar, like 4 times as big as a big pickle jar, full of birch juice. Do you see that big jar on the table there? It was Russian Tree juice! And it was delicious. Very good for mocktails. (Pour birch juice over ice, and add a lime wedge: you're cooking). Plus that Piñata had some Russian styling, don't you agree? How about that ñ too, right? And how about that light on the girl's face from the LCD on her digi cam? Weird! She looks like a super-hero though, which is cool.

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