Oregon City

nice fur

If any vegans ask, it's fake. But if any fashionistas ask, its beaver. P jokes that it's a rescue fur though, bought used. It might actually be beaver fur! Isn't that awesome!


From my occasional series couches on the road. Oh, there's a good one in our neighborhood right now where it was a pleather couch, but somebody came by in the night with a knife and stripped it of the surface, so now it's a patchwork of worn pleather and white guts couch. Not too appealing, but it'd make a good picture. I don't know if it's still there though.

First gravy. It was ok, but a little fatty tasting. Mom said to separate the fat from the drippings, but I was like "PSHA! Tons of gravy, coming up." But it was decent. A good first effort, if nothing else. Chicken gravy.

keeping up with Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim.


Always lots of shots of the bedroom. It's probably our nicest room though.


Laser beans

Very reminiscent of college era digital photography, oddly. I didn't have a digicam back then!

Liberation Situation

I wish I had a real life life. The 21st century is a real bad drag.

this time of day all day


birthday party

Jess had a nice birthday party for herself. It was combo- Mexican and Russian-- basically two of the better cultures, right?

Devo was making her whiff so many times, it was hilarious.


You can see there on the table the Russian part-- Jess went to the cultural store and bought a big jar, like 4 times as big as a big pickle jar, full of birch juice. Do you see that big jar on the table there? It was Russian Tree juice! And it was delicious. Very good for mocktails. (Pour birch juice over ice, and add a lime wedge: you're cooking). Plus that Piñata had some Russian styling, don't you agree? How about that ñ too, right? And how about that light on the girl's face from the LCD on her digi cam? Weird! She looks like a super-hero though, which is cool.

musk of dusk

might of night

1 year

Our hot anniversary date: went to see Avatar 3d (pretty cool, if you have both your eyes)

Nice card games in the home. We don't have a lot of furniture or something. The floor is orthopedic at least, sort of. Though the cards get sort of dirty.

And a nice brunch. Weekend brunch is very fun.



just realized this one hadn't made it aboard. A little closer to what I was trying to do. Hey! Now that I got that new tripod, maybe I should re-try this endeavor?

National Guard

hotdog style


what the fricken fudge?

So many old pictures aren't online! Right when I needed them. A few from this February


last year we watched the NBA all star game at the hotel bar at the double tree in the lloyd district.

NEW TRADITION! Let's watch the NBA all-star game at the double tree hotel bar in the lloyd district this year!!

Game is at five. They have a fine tex mex styled bar there with chips and margaritas. Last year there was a 7th day adventist convention there! It was wild!

I hope y'all can make it! P is inviting people too. We're trying to party at the double tree! Valentines day style!

UPDATE::: No one came! Frick! And they didn't have chips.

scary larry

45 backflips on a deficit

My continuing obsession with one foot on the ground people

House Situations! Update-- we're going to sell that couch. Finally! That thing sucks! Anyone want to buy it or take it to antiques roadshow? I just don't think we're going to get value for it when we trade it for cash, but someone out there hopefully covets this thing and will love it and maybe cover it with plastic. If it takes a broker making a profit, so be it, I say.

Dog is obsessed with piles, and under this huge one I swear there's a p. Dog is lovin it.


valentines brunch

Typically, if a dog doesn't look like a muppet character, I'm not that interested. But these two were pretty sweet and they had big personalities, so they were ok I guess.


millennia of minutiae

see the bike crate? She has many fancy pant/sock/shoe combos. This one was particularly outstanding

I actually really liked the doritos commercial during the superbowl where they were at that gym and then the dorito warrior appeared wearing a coat of armor of doritos, but on the whole that campaign was pretty lackluster. Too absurd I think, and too zanily so. But classic snacks!

Springwater trail, and uptown.

trying to get just the least bit of light on my face

Winter light is always at an angle, which makes it hard to illuminate potted seedlings.



We test drove this mutt, who was half as big as dog and about twice as cute. Midnight. He was really cute as you can't tell, but it was the pound and I didn't want to flash in his retinas, so we have this sort of radical pic where you sort of have to imagine what he actually looked like. Imagine dog, but curlier, and with a better face. He was the right dog, it was just the wrong time. Oh well. Look at his wet paws!

True dog

Dog is the one and only true dog.

Superbowl party, pt 1. Part two was actually just me hanging out alone watching the game, which was fine too, I guess. February has been a grumpy month, so far.