SAD cycles

M-F the SAD just rages, obviously, as I spend all the hours of sunlight under some harsh fluorescents melting my dignity one keystroke at a time. Saturday rolls around and I keep a PMA/PMO, but there are still traces of blue, a hue I guess. Any activities alleviate the disorder, such as bike rides, pushups, and friendly high stakes poker late in the night. Sunday comes and I think I have it all spanked, and I almost do. Then the sun sets and I trudge off to bed, with that song "I don't want to work, I just want to bang on these drums all day" playing softly in the background of my favorite tv programs. I don't know if we're just more aware of what happens every winter, or if the stigma of admitting you have a problem is being lifted, but I do think that everyone I know has SAD this year.


Pace said...

Yan, you are not alone! and I love you

Mac said...

Malaise man, malaise.

John said...

I always used to think that was pronouced the same as Malice.