New Year’s Resolutions

I love making resolutions. I think part of it is the new year, but part of it is also my birthday and getting another year older. The years are very much distinctive for me-- It’s not like 2007 was part one thing and part another, if that makes sense. It was just my 24th year, and that’s basically it. You could say my life is more like a baseball season than a basketball one. I don’t over-lap. 2010 will be the 27th year—late 20’s. Oh buddy.

2009- keep a running journal everyday in the day planner in my back pocket—success! Only a few blank days, on which I’d right—“blank day! Dangit.” This one I hope to carry over and just make a life-long habit, which I guess is true of all these.
2008- Don’t eat frozen pizza – success! Except for our New year’s eve party it was a pizza party and we feasted on frozen pizzas. I only had one streak in 2009 when I went a little over-board, so success there too!
2007- This year began when I lived near a lot of fast food places but the resolution was to eat less fast food, I think. That might have been 2006 in which case I forget what 2007 was.
2006- I don’t think I made any resolutions back then or before.

Anyhow, 2010 is coming in hot and here’s my new resolution: quit biting my finger nails. It’s such a nasty compulsion. I’ve got a finger nail clipper on my key chain now though and I’m going to war with mindless chomping! Wish me luck!


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lizzygoat said...

GOOD LUCK...I bite my nails too...oh nooooo your word verification says "breach"....