ha ha ha funny man room update

Classin up the dump! Got the silver candleholder, the shaken vodka martini (short martini review: BARF! Give me a manhattan any day, now that I don't do the Gin. For these I used some lemon, since we didn't have any olives. Man, it sucked), the classy web-browser, some fine leather gloves, and a shrink-wrapped external cd/dvd reader (?). Mood lighting baby, mood lighting. Oh yeah, I put Chris, Scott and my big ass drawing over the central window now that the man room also houses the television (!). It's almost perfect privacy now, when once it was such an outcropping of a greenhouse, windows on all sides. Check out Chris' review chopping down the Christmas tree here. It's pretty great, off-beat writing that almost connects everytime, most of the time. So I bought a tripod so there will be many man-room updates in the next few days. I'll be damned if I'm venturing outdoors with that thing, at least for a bit.


Scort Vee said...

like it. you already kill that bottle of whiskey?

John said...

no no. Pace got me one too, and I haven't finished one of them. The other is under the counter, my whisky savings account