We went heavy on the noise makers. I knew it was annoying everyone but that's what happens when you're partying hardier than everybody else. There will be repercussions.

Indoor fireworks makes for sulfurous affairs.

Great pool table with grey felt, which is classy and subtle. However, there were no good sticks. All you need for a good stick is the tip. I don't care how crooked it is, or whatever, how wobbly when you roll it across the table. You just need a good tip, and then a nice weight distribution is the next thing. Well, we had to whittle these to make them workable. Bad sticks will just ruin the vibe too, so we spent more time on the dance floor than we probably would have other-wise. [edit: upon closer inspection that's just a dirty dirty old dusty green felt]

2010-- forget backflips. I'm talkin bout handstands!!!

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